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Hi All,

This is very strange. After our gig at the Aston Tavern on Dec,3, 2004.
I was taking some photos inside the bar for our website and I started
packing up the van with Marty with our equipment.
It was a beautiful clear night and you can see the stars in the sky.
It was dark in the back parking lot, but you could see the little townhouse lights below.
As we packed the car, I kept running in and out from the bar with stuff, I came out and got hit with this foul stench, and I yelled at Marty "EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW you stink! " He said it's not me, I didn't do it!"
The smell went away. After packing the van, I said to Marty, "I want to take some more pictures."
It was a beautiful night and no one was around except for Patrick the bartender inside the bar, closing.
So I started taking pictures of the view outside, of the little townhouses in the back parking lot of the place.
Marty kept yelling at me, "Let's go! " I said, "Wait, just a few more pictures."
I was using one of those digital cameras that take a few seconds after you click the button for the shot.
I clicked the button and it didn't flash, I looked for a half a second to click the button again, but I noticed on my right side a cloud-like hovering, which then moved very quickly towards me. I could see it was a human- like body floating towards me. He looked like a old man, and he was bald on the top of his head with a few patches of very long hair that went circling around his face and down to where his feet should be. He was only half a body from his head to his knees.
He was not fully formed, he was a skeleton where his arms and wrists were.
He looked like a shrimp, swimming in water. only he was swimming in air. He had something like thick hair waving in air as well as thin hair waving all away down to where his feet would be.. The hair also was thin as well, and it swiveled all around, especially around his face, he was trying to get the hair out of his face and he opened his mouth and it looked like he was drooling. The hair looked like a spider web around his face which I could see very clearly, his face! It moved really fast towards me, yet it felt like I was seeing him in slow motion, because I could not take my eyes off of him even to blink! He was very bright and luminous, like a xray. I guess he was glowing, His hands did not look formed. His hands were like hooves. It moved it's head upward and stood there in front of me, and the camera flash went off! It then vanished when the flash went off. He kind of broke apart. This was all within 3 to 5 seconds. I think I scared it away with the flash. It looked surprised.
I yelled to Marty, "Did you see that! did you? It ran right in front of the camera and ruined my shot."
He yelled, "Let's go." He didn't see the ghost, he was in the car listening to the radio, waiting for me.
I got in the car and kind of forgot about the camera flashing, and that I might have a pic of this thing,
because Marty really wanted to get home and was mad at me for taking so long to take a few pictures.
When I got home I downloaded the pictures I took.
I saw this white thing and I remembered saying it blocked my shot!
I only wish I got a full shot of this thing, but if you look in the pic it has a face and a finger.
This is totally weird & scary. I've seen some weird things, playing late at night, coming home from gigs these past few years with Marty, but this is the strangest of all.
I know what I saw, and you guys can believe it or not, but that pic is my proof to myself that I saw it correctly.
It was a very glowing ghost very brightly lit.
Believe it or not!
This is true. I would like to know if any of you have ever seen a thing like this. Also who do you call, Ghost Busters! (tee-hee)
Who actually studies these paranormal things? That is to say how do you know who is legitimate?????
If so what do you think it was? Ghost, Angel or Alien?
I know it's not of this earth.
Write and tell me what you think of this.
Here's the pic again. Please scroll to bottom of this page.
And tilt your head slightly to the right side, because that's the way he flew by me.
I'm not really sure if he had a mustache or not! I'm really trying hard to forget what I saw, but this ghost will haunt me for the rest of my days.........
Write back and let me know what you think of this.
Also if anyone has information about the place I saw this ghost please let me know.
It was at The Aston Tavern, Aston, PA. 

Love, Sue 

  Recently I submitted my ghost picture and story to a great ghost website.
  I thought that their website was one of the best and honest sites on the net.
  Also they were able to print my ghost pic much larger than I could on my site.
          Please be sure to visit their website for a much larger view.

         Here's the url:


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